Superior Health Screening Package (1-day)/(2-day)


This package is most popular package. By targeting the most common cancers in Taiwan including lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, the Superior Package offers examinations such as low-dose computed tomography, painless gastroscopy, and colonoscopy examination, breast ultrasound, mammography, and prostate ultrasound. There are also the biochemical analysis of blood, bone density examination, special gender-specific examinations, and consultations with specialists from different medical divisions. We are hoping to safeguard your health with a comprehensive health screening package.

▎Key Tests

CT640 Imaging Screening:LDTC Lung Cancer screen
Endoscopic Examination:Gastroscopy、Helicobacter Pylori Testing、Colonoscopy
Ultrasound Examination:Carotid Duplex、Color Echocardiography、Abdominal、Liver Fibrosis & Fatty Quantitative Analysis
Tests for men:ENT consultation、Nasopharyngoscopy、Prostate ultrasound、Urology consultation and physical examination of the external genitalia- prostate.
Tests for women:Breast Ultrasound or Digital Mammography、Gynecological Ultrasound and Consultation、Pap Smear Test.


▎Examination Items



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