Brain Health Screening Package


Focus on dementia risk assessment and brain MRI examination, including Alzheimer’s disease tendency and related detection analysis, and detecting whether there are tumors, blood vessel obstructions, hemangioma, vascular malformations, cerebral cortical development abnormalities, and stroke in the brain , combined with blood biochemical tests, ultrasound (carotid artery, abdomen) and special items for men and women, etc., to catch suspicious lesions, prevent in advance, and reduce possible disease risks.

▎Key Tests

Dementia Risk Assessment:MRAD Dementia Risk MRI Assessment、IMR AD Dementia Abnormal Protein Detection、ApoE Gene Analysis
Brain MRI Imaging Screening
CT640 Imaging Screening:LDCT Lung Cancer screen
Ultrasound Examination:Carotid Duplex、Abdominal、Liver Fibrosis & Fatty Quantitative Analysis
Tests for men:ENT consultation、Nasopharyngoscopy、Prostate ultrasound、Urology consultation and physical examination of the external genitalia-prostate.
Tests for women:Breast Ultrasound or Digital Mammography、Gynecological Ultrasound and Consultation、Pap Smear Test


▎Examination Items



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