Digestive Health Screening Package


With painless gastrointestinal endoscopy as the main focus, screen for gastrointestinal weakening problems caused by work stress and unhealthy lifestyle, including indigestion, ulcers, polyps, tumors, etc.; combined with blood biochemistry tests, X-ray tests, electrocardiograms, Ultrasound (heart, abdomen), bone density and special examinations for men and women. We have created a complete health screening package to safeguard your digestive health of corporate elites.

▎Key Tests

Painless Endoscopic Examination:Gastroscopy、Helicobacter Pylori Testing、Colonoscopy
X-ray Examination:Chest、KUB、L-Spne
Ultrasound Examination:Color Echocardiography、Abdominal、Liver Fibrosis & Fatty Quantitative Analysis
Tests for men:ENT consultation、Nasopharyngoscopy、Prostate ultrasound、Urology consultation and physical examination of the external genitalia-prostate.
Tests for women:Breast Ultrasound or Digital Mammography、Gynecological Ultrasound and Consultation、Pap Smear Test


▎Examination Items



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