♀Rosy Women Health Screening Package

Lung cancer is the top 1 leading causes of cancer deaths in Taiwan. And women cancer related to lower abdomen accounts for five, including colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer and bladder cancer. Among them, breast cancer is the number one causes of women cancer, and 90% of breast cancer patients do not have a family history, and would require imaging screening for early detection.

To assure that women’s health is properly and professionally safe guarded, Eonway has specially designed the Rosy Women Advanced Health Screening Package to screen the risks of women developing into critical disease by offering pelvic MRI, abdominal CT screening, early-stage lung cancer screening, breast mammography & breast ultrasound scanning, DXA bone density examination and specialist consultation.  And arrange a hormonal functional medical examination evaluation to find out the potential reasons behind the symptoms of physical and mental discomfort

We provide the most comprehensive screening for women and hope to detect potential lesions as early as possible. 



Key Tests 

    Pelvic MRI for the screening of cancers

   Low-Dose Computed Tomography for early lung cancer screening

   Functional Medicine Assessment


●  Tests for women
Breast ultrasound, digital mammography, human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypic assays, gynecological consultation, and Pap smear test.

● Functional Medicine Assessment-Female Hormone Assessment

● Calcium examinaiton

● Vitamin D (25-OHD) examination

● DXA Bone Density Examination(Whole Body)

● DXA Body Composition Analysis 

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