Should I do mammography or a breast ultrasound examination?

| on 2018-03-13

● Breast ultrasound examination is suitable for women of any age groups, especially for young women (approximately under 35 years of age) and women feeling a suspicious lump in their breasts. Breast ultrasound examination is usually the indispensable first-line testing tool.
● Mammography is suitable for women over 40 years of age to screen for breast cancers. We can use mammography to clearly observe microcalcifications in the breasts, and use the images produced to distinguish between benign and malignant calcifications.
● A breast MRI examination is suitable for patients with a family history of breast cancers, and for people once suffered from ovarian cancers or endometrial carcinoma, and had hormone abnormalities, hence at high risk of developing breast cancers. We recommend women who had breast surgery once to do an MRI test at least once every two years for detecting any abnormal changes.


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