Our Mission

Younger Next Year and Be Healthier Tomorrow Than Today!

Established on the foundation of preventive medicine, Eonway Health Management Center has provided premier health screening services to more than ten thousands of people on an annual basis since inception in 2004. Prevention is the key to longevity, with this in mind, we established Eonway 「Health Rejuvenation Center」 in 2020,  aiming to achieve health promotion and purification of body and mind. Our medical teams from every medical field including doctors, dietitians, gym trainers, counseling psychologists, and physiotherapists will conduct numerous tests to learn of our guest’s health status and craft out a customized and comprehensive health management plan for our guests.

Within our specialized yet comfortable center of Health Rejuvenation, our specialists will address our guests’s concerns and queries in details regarding our guests’s potential future health issues and risks. By conducting numerous tests including genetic testing, functional medical testing, and physical fitness testing, our medical team will plan out a customized health enhancement plan for our guests  based on evidence-based data gathered on hand.

The average life expectancy has continued to improve and with scientific evidence, precision medical treatment and proper lifestyle therapy strategies, we hope to assist our guests in obtaining optimal health without sacrificing the quality of life.

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