Our Mission

Integrative Medical Teams│Premier Image Medical Examinations

There has been vast improvement nowadays in the accuracy of medical examinations and treatment due to advancement in medical and imaging technology development.  In addition to equipping with the state of the art imaging and diagnostic equipment,  more importantly, Eonway is filled with outstanding teams of physician and imaging technicians to provide our guests with most precise and informative medical reports and analysis.
With providing excellent medical services in mind, The Medical Imaging Department of Eonway recruited renowned doctors from medical centers all over Taiwan and integrate comprehensive medical services with cutting- edge imaging equipment to provide tumor screening and analysis for brain, head and neck, chest, upper abdomen, pelvis, and whole spine. Through careful and professional analysis from our team of doctor, our guests are provided with comprehensive and professional medical consultations, assuring that our guests’s health is well monitored and safe-guarded.


 Our Features
●  Integrated equipment 
Digital X-ray, bone density measuring equipment, ultrasound, CT scanner(640 slice), an MRI scanner(x2). 

●  Integrated imaging 
Every type of imaging is carefully compared with each other to assure optimal diagnostic results

●  Integrated doctors 
Our team of doctors is multifaceted and interdisciplinary and generate high quality professional reports based on the field they specialized in.

●  Integrated interpretation 
In the event where after medical imaging are taken and interpreted by our professional doctors and further medical consultations are sought after, our interdisciplinary team of doctors can be of your services at your earliest convenience.

●  Integrated gynecological imaging 
In addition to MRI scanner, mammography and ultrasound, we have senior gynecological imaging specialists to interpret the results.

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