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Eonway Health Screening│Preferred Choice for Celebrities

West Garden Teaching Hospital, operating for almost 50 years, has established the Eonway Health Management Center in 2004. With the main aim of integrating professional medical care with hotel-style services, Eonway not only was the pioneer in preventive medicine, it has become the prime choice for celebrities and the elites. Eonway has been granted with a creative and beautiful name of “Hotelpital” by the foreign media, meaning that Eonway has done a perfect task of integrating Hotel with Hospital, with five-star like amenities, services and ambience. Eonway allows guests to enjoy every aspect of the health screening procedure and making health screening as relaxing as a vacation!

To assure maximum safety, we imposed a stringent segregation policy at the center and make sure that only healthy guests are admitted to the center. In addition, Eonway has completed many innovations, including:

│ Leisure-style health screening
25M heated swimming pool, rehabilitation spas, sauna and healthy food services, providing our guests with ultimate, comfort and relaxation.

Premier, private and comfortable

Five-star guestroom and lounge area, allowing in room check-up and optimal privacy.

Personal services provided by our professional staffs throughout the whole course

Heartwarming care and services will be provided by our health secretary throughout the entire medical examination process.
Cutting-Edge medical imaging equipment
Medical examination with our top of the line 640 ultra-fast computed tomography scan and a new MRI model for angiography without injection of a contrast agent.
One-stop and fast integration
Examinations such as MRI and CT will be completed within one day, and the reports will be completed and interpreted by our team of doctors.
Long-distance consultation and advisory services
We provide services to international guests. Video/Tele conferencing with our doctors and consultation services regarding the health screening reports can be arranged and provided depending on guests’ needs.


We believe that only early detection can lead to early and effective treatment. The examination reports will be summarized and interpreted by doctors. If follow-up diagnosis and treatment are necessary, West Garden medical team will provide timely medical treatment, or provide referral service to a medical center. We provide one-stop services from the post-health screening diagnosis to the follow-up treatment, fulfilling our guests medical needs.

“Health screening for once, services offered for life”, Eonway safeguards your health.

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