Hsiang Wei, MD

Hsiang Wei, MD

Chief, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Orthopedic Rehabilitation: Degenratire joint diseases, Low back pain, Muscle strain/sprain, Frogen shoulder, Computer neck, Disc horniation with radiculopathy, Osteoporosis, Post-surgery functional recovery…etc.

Neurological Rehabilitstion: Numbness of feet and hands, Brachial plexus injury, Spinal cord injury, Carpal funnel syndrome, Facial nerve palsy, Stroke, Cerebral palsy, Brain injury(seguelae)…etc.

Pain diagnosis and treatment

Brace and splint, Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV), Electromyogram (EMG)



National Yang-Ming University, Department of Medicine
B.S. of Tsing Hua University
M.S. of Cheng Kung University



●Ta Chien Hospital
Chang Gung Memoral Hospital
Physiatrist of R.O.C
Member of Taiwen Academy of Physical Mediine and Rehablitation

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