Our Mission

TCU Rehabilitation Guestrooms│Professional Nursing Care and Integrated Medical Services

Eonway’s specially designed comprehensive medical care environment take care of those guests who need medical attention. TCU(Transitional Care Unit) rehabilitation guestrooms provide short-stay and long-stay services to guests who value privacy, comfort, and medical treatment safety.

We will provide customized health care services to subacute patients who just had surgery or patients that need medical attention whether it be short term or long term.  This is to ensure that they are right on track for recovery and helping them to maintain the best quality of life.

Our Service Targets
● Patients who need post-surgery care
● Elderly who need short-term care
● Elders who demand independent living while being taken care of


Facilities and Services
● Private and superior guest rooms, accessible environment and exercise classes in the physical fitness center.
● Customized and exclusive audio-visual equipment, physical fitness equipment and rehabilitation spas based on their doctors’ medical order.
● Social lounge, 24-hour strict security system and floor controls.
● We provide beds for accompanying guests (NTD1,200/night).

Comprehensive Medical Teams
●  The physician teams: Including Orthopedics, General Surgery, Urology Surgery, Thyroid Surgery, Neurology, Cardiology, Metabolism, Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, and so on.
●  The care teams: professional nurses, physiotherapists, health secretaries, dietitians, physical fitness trainers, and so on.


Care, Accompaniment and Interactions
●  Health management plan: including diet, exercise, medical treatment, rehabilitation, spiritual growth, beautifying and anti-aging, the health secretary, private housekeeper services, and so on.
●  Health screenings with costs: depend on personal need and our medical team’s recommendation, health screening programs are carefully administered with subsequent consultation and follow up programs available.

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