Gold Brain Health Screening Package

Stroke is the third leading cause of deaths every year among the ten most common deaths in Taiwan, causing irreparable damages and griefs to society and families. It is especially sad and hard to accept the truth when young adults die suddenly of cerebral hemorrhage caused by rupture of the aneurysm. By targeting the cerebrovascular diseases, this package offers A or B special examination program with brain MRI, supplemented with various basic tests to screen for neurological conditions. We are hoping to screen for various types of neuropathy in an early stage to provide necessary and active treatment and look for strategies to fight the disease as early as possible.

Key Tests 

    Brain MRI examination


●  Ultrasound examinations
carotid duplex ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound.


Special Examinations (Please choose A or B program below for your personal health needs:)

●  Program A, special examinations includes:
brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) examination, carotid arteries ultrasound, apolipoprotein E gene analysis, vitamin B12, folate, the very early dementia screening scale (AD8 cognitive function assessment), and the Framingham risk score.

●  Program B, special examinations includes:
ophthalmology consultation,  and basic acute(chronic) Allergen Screening Test (110 Allergens).


Examination Items

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