LOHAS Health Screening Package

Due to lifestyle and work pressure, many enterprise leaders in Taiwan suffer from gastrointestinal tract weakening conditions including indigestion, ulcer, and polyp hyperplasia. This package is specially designed to target these problems. At the same time, colorectal cancer is rank first most incident cancer in Taiwan, and an increasing number of younger people are suffering from it. Colorectal cancer examination and prevention should, therefore, start early in life. The main examination offered in the LOHAS Package is the painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy examination. Other supplementary tests include biochemical analysis of blood, X-ray examination, electrocardiography, ultrasound (color echocardiography, and abdominal ultrasound screening), bone density test, and gender-specific examinations. We have created a complete health screening package to safeguard your health.


Key Tests

    Painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy examination



●  Ultrasound examinations
color echocardiography, and abdominal ultrasound screening.

●  Examinations for men
otorhinolaryngology consultation including nasopharyngoscopy, prostate ultrasound (a painless examination), urology consultation, and physical examination of the external genitalia – prostate.

●  Examinations for women
breast ultrasound (for women under 40 years of age), digital mammography (for women over 40 years of age), gynecological ultrasound, gynecological consultation, and Pap smear test.

●  Special screenings
peripheral oxygen saturation measurement, arteriosclerosis detector, and the Framingham risk score.


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