Cardiopulmonary Health Screening Package

Malignant tumors and cardiovascular diseases are the leading two causes of deaths among the ten most common deaths in Taiwan, and the lung cancer mortality rate is the highest compared to the mortality rates of other cancers. Eonway has specially designed the Cardiopulmonary Health Screening Package to provide effective health screening. We offer effective early-stage lung cancer screening and cardiovascular disease examination using state-of-the-art equipment, so the disease causative agents have no place to hide.



Key Tests

   Cardiovascular disease examination

  Low-dose computed tomography  for Early Lung Cancer Screening



●  Ultrasound examination
thyroid ultrasound, carotid arteries ultrasound, color echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound.

●  Special screenings
arteriosclerosis detector.

●  Examinations for men
otorhinolaryngology(ENT) consultation, nasopharyngoscopy , prostate ultrasound (painless examination), consultation with urological specialists, and physical examination of the external genitalia – prostate.

●  Examinations for women
breast ultrasound (for women under 40 years of age), digital mammography (for women over 40 years of age), gynecological ultrasound, gynecological consultation, and Pap smear test.



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